Best features of the metal roofing Australian roofing companies have to offer

When we talk about residential metal roofing, we refer to materials created from aluminium, zincalume and galvanised steel. For the purpose of this article, we’re going to be focussing on Colorbond® because it’s the preferred choice for metal roofing in Australia.

Colorbond® metal roofing is a household name, and if you look around your neighbourhood right now, you’ll probably see the majority of homes covered in a Colorbond® steel roof. But why is it so popular, and why do so many experts consider it the best choice for residential metal roofing?

Let’s take a look.

Strength and durability

Colorbond® metal roofing has been developed and manufactured with the Australian climate in mind. That’s why you also get great warranties on Colorbond® metal roofing products. Whether it’s intense sun and heat or heavy winds and rainfall, Australia throws some challenging conditions at the nation’s roofs.

Residential metal roofing from Colorbond® won’t corrode, rust or fade in the harsh sun. It’s also strong enough to withstand heavy rainfall. In fact, even though it is quite lightweight to work with, the strength-to-weight ratio is excellent.

In addition, metal roofing is fire retardant, meaning there is less chance of sparks or ash causing a fire on your roof.

A huge range of colour options

Whether you’re replacing an old roof or building a new home, appearance matters. A beautiful roof can have a big impact on your home’s value, especially when you get your colour schemes right. Fortunately, Colorbond® metal roofing comes in a massive selection of colours. This means you can match your roof with your home’s aesthetic.

Working with professional roofing experts also allows you to choose the perfect combination of metal roofing, guttering, downpipes and fascia to enhance your home’s appearance. Finally, because Colorbond® colours are baked, they won’t fade, chip or crack in the sun, meaning you can enjoy a beautiful-looking roof for many years to come.

Lower installation costs

In Australia, concrete tile roofing is the only material cheaper than metal roofing, and in reality, the price difference is negligible. Metal roofing is manufactured in such a way that installation is a lot easier. Especially with roofing technology advancements, it’s becoming quicker and easier to work with metal roofing.

So, in effect, because metal roofing is the easiest to install, it also comes with the lowest installation costs. This difference generally outweighs the slightly lower material price for concrete tiles. Plus, because it already comes in the colours you love, there is no painting or general maintenance required.

Save money on power bills

Your roof bears the brunt of your local weather conditions, and in Queensland, that means a lot of heat. But with quality residential metal roofing, you can help to reduce your energy bills. We’re talking, of course, about keeping your home cool in summer. Air conditioning costs, and energy costs in general are rising, but metal roofing offers excellent thermal insulating properties.

However, you need to be smart about the colour you choose. A lighter roof helps to reflect sunlight and heat away from your home, further reducing your cooling expenses. A darker roof may be more suitable in cooler climates, as it will attract heat from the sun.

Reduced maintenance requirements

We’ve already talked about how strong metal roofing is, and that’s one of the key reasons so many people choose it for their homes. But this strength also provides a long-lasting benefit that sometimes gets forgotten.

With better strength and durability comes a decreased need for maintenance. Of course, we get some pretty heavy storms in Queensland and no material is infallible. But the general consensus is that it’s a lot harder to damage a metal roof. That means fewer repairs and ongoing costs.

Plus, if you do end up with a leak or some other roofing issue, it’s much easier to repair a metal roof than it is for individual tiles. So, save some money and hassle in the long term by choosing Colorbond® metal roofing.

Looking for quality residential metal roofing?

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