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Whether you’re having a whole new roof installed, or you just want to dress up your current one, quality fascia and gutters are a big part of it. We source only the highest quality, visually stunning fascia and gutters to put the finishing touches to your roof. Our relationships with suppliers means we can access the best products at affordable prices.

We don’t just install though. We consult thoroughly with you, helping you decide on the perfect fascia and gutters for your roof. Our team has the expertise and knowledge to give you the right advice every time. It’s not about selling you the most expensive products, but rather finding the perfect match for your home.


Fascia is used as a base to attach to the gutters. It can also be used to cover or hide the fixing space between the roof and walls. Not only is it functional, but it’s part of your home’s aesthetic. There are plenty of different styles to choose from, and our team knows which fascia works best with whatever look you’re going for.

When it comes to fascia, we offer a one-stop shop, including consultation, delivery and installation. We only used trusted suppliers to ensure our customers are getting the best fascia products available. You’re in good hands with Brastin Roofing!


Much like fascia, the guttering is important to the overall aesthetic of your home. While not everybody can see your roof, the gutters are exposed for all to see. So, whether you’re selling a home or simply want your place looking the best it can, you need beautiful guttering.

It’s not just about the look though, because guttering obviously serves a very important function. It plays a huge role in managing rainwater, so if there’s cracks, leaks or other issues with your guttering, this needs to be repaired quickly.

We’ve got a huge range of gutter varieties to suit any home style, and we can handle all repair and maintenance needs quickly and without fuss.

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