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If you’re lucky, your roof will last your entire lifetime and you’ll never have an issue. However, many older roofs do need to be re-done at some point throughout the life of a home. While some issues can simply be repaired, often the entire roof needs to be replaced, and that’s where we can help.

Re-roofing can be done in two ways. You may choose to leave the existing roof in place and re-roof over it. Alternatively, you can remove the previous roof and install a completely new one. This is probably the most common method, because older roofing can be too damaged.

Measuring and planning

Our team of experts will conduct all measurements and present you with roofing style options. Once you’ve chosen your desired look, we can get started on the planning process. This is important, because without the proper planning the job can be more difficult. In fact, it’s the reason that many DIY roofing jobs fail. Without the right tools and experience, there’s often not enough proper planning done before trying to repair a roof, and you’re doomed from the start.

Preparing the home and roof

This is another reason why DIY jobs aren’t recommended unless you have the necessary knowledge and experience. Whether you’re going over an old roof or removing it, there needs to be proper preparation to ensure a smooth job. This means providing the necessary safety measures in case of sudden poor weather, and also ensuring all aspects of the frame are in good condition and ready to have a new roof installed.

While it may seem easy to rip out the old roofing panels and just add the new ones, there’s a lot more that needs to be done before getting a professional job.


The final step of course, is installation. Our experts take care of everything, ensuring a high-quality finish with all necessary safety precautions considered. We follow strict OH&S guidelines, utilising the proper equipment to ensure the job is done quickly and safely.

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