Servicing all your roof ventilation needs

At Brastin Roofing, we can take care of all your air vent installation needs. When building a new home, this is something that should be incorporated into all building plans. When it comes to older homes, however, we need to examine the current roof first.

This is to ensure we provide the very best solution for roof ventilation in your home. From whirlybirds and vents to all other option, we determine what works best for your home. If you want to keep your home cool in summer, roof ventilation is essential.

Our experts can inspect our current roof, locate any existing roof ventilation, and determine how to repair, replace or simply improve what you already have.

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Save on energy costs

Having proper ventilation in in your roof saves you money. This is particularly applicable in summer, or in warmer climates like Queensland. Firstly, when it’s hot outside, warm air can get trapped in your roof cavity. When it heats up, some of this air is pushed into your home, and it doesn’t matter how good your insulation is.

To combat this, roof ventilation allows hot air to flow and escape the roof cavity. When the air can move freely, it has less chance of escaping into your home. Furthermore, this means you don’t need to rely so heavily on air conditioners. Cooling your home is expensive, so we can look at a range of active or passive ventilation methods to save you money.


Hot air builds up in your roof cavity more easily than any other part of the house. That’s because it takes the full force of the summer sun. Most homes have insulation in their ceiling too, meaning there’s a significant barrier stopping the heat flowing into your home. While this is exactly what you want to keep your home cool, there still needs to be ventilation in your roof cavity.

Without proper air flow, the heat will ultimately find a way through your insulation and into your home. This means running air conditioners when it otherwise might not be necessary. Whirlybirds can save you the extra cost and discomfort!

Avoid moisture issues in your home

One of the other dangers you have in your roof cavity is moisture. If the sun is beating down on your roof all day, and the hot air fills your roof cavity, it needs somewhere to go. If it can’t exit through ventilation systems and also finds it hard to exit through your ceiling insulation, the air is trapped.

This can ultimately lead to condensation and moisture issues which can cause expensive problems in your home. Don’t risk it – contact our experts today to discuss the right kind of roof ventilation for your home.

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