Benefits of using insulted roofing panels for your home

Residential insulated roofing panels are a terrific way to transform your outdoor spaces into a more comfortable, relaxing place to spend your time. Regardless of what time of year it is and what the weather throws at you, it’s a way to protect yourself from the elements and maintain a comfortable temperature.

In this article, we’re going to look at what insulated roof panels are, and the benefits of installing them over your outdoor entertaining areas.

What are insulated roof panels?

Insulated roof panels are used primarily in covered outdoor spaces such as patios, decks and covered working areas. They can be used in a residential or commercial setting depending on your needs.

When you install residential insulated roof panels over your outdoor entertaining area, you get the benefit of shade and shelter, but without the extreme temperatures often prevalent when spending time outside.

Made with a hard metal shell, they offer excellent protection from elements, while the insulated portion of the roof panel helps to keep extreme heat and cold out. They work especially well in outdoor spaces that also have wall coverage such as bistro blinds or something even sturdier.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Keep outdoor spaces cool

No doubt one of the biggest benefits of installing residential insulated roof panels is keeping your outdoor space cool. Even with shade, the warm climate of Queensland can make outdoor spaces feel uncomfortably warm. If you want to relax and eat lunch outside, read a book or simply relax and enjoy the climate, the insulation provided by these roof panels helps to keep the harsh heat away.

This is especially prevalent when you have an enclosed outdoor space. For example, a patio with bistro blinds or glass windows around it. These spaces can get extremely hot in the summer sun, but insulated roofing ensures that much of the sun’s heat won’t get into your space.

Watertight and weatherproof

While we love our warm climate in Queensland, it also comes with storms and heavy rainfall. Insulated roof panels are constructed in such a way that they clip into place perfectly with no spaces for leaks to occur. In addition, the insulation is encased in a hard metal shell, meaning that it also won’t be damaged by rain.

This factor also means no condensation can build up inside the panel, keeping it in optimum condition for many years to come.

Simple installation

While most insulated roofing jobs should ideally be handled by professionals, if you’re a keen DIYer with a strong skillset, you could install them yourself. If you do embark on a DIY journey, insulated roof panels can be cut to your specifications, making the job even easier.

Save money on heating

It may sound strange to say that insulating your outdoor areas can save you money on heating and cooling. You would certainly very rarely open your doors and use your internal heating system to try and heat or cool your outdoor space. However, there is actually a very good reason that insulated outdoor roofing can save you money on power.

When you cool down the areas directly around your home, such as under a deck or patio, it cools down that section of the wall. Direct sunlight isn’t hitting the windows, and therefore the space inside your home stays cooler too.

Add value to your home

There is no doubt that a beautiful outdoor area adds significant value to a home. Especially in Queensland where the climate is so conducive to spending time outside, a great covered outdoor space is always sought after in the housing market. However, because the sun’s heat can be so punishing, you need more than just a nice patio or deck to appeal to home buyers.

Insulated roof panels are quite simply a step above other roofing methods for outdoor areas, and therefore add value to your home when it comes time to sell. Until then, you can enjoy the improved comfort all for yourself.

Looking for quality insulated roofing?

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