What are the new COLORBOND colours available for your home?

When you love roofing as much as we do here at Brastin Roofing, you can understand why we get a little excited when Colorbond® launches a new range of colours. Part of the Bluescope® Steel company, Colorbond® is Australia’s most trusted name in metal roofing and cladding. That’s because it’s been tried and tested against the country’s harshest weather conditions.

Being manufactured in such a way that prevents cracking and fading, Colorbond® roofing is going to look great on your home for many years to come. However, with that said, we never mind hearing about some new colour options for our customers.

Why we choose Colorbond®

Here at Brastin Roofing, we believe our customers deserve the best, and that’s the very simple reason we choose Colorbond®. It is durable, built to last and has an incredible visual appeal. Being able to stand up to Australia’s harsh climate is probably the biggest drawcard because customers get peace of mind that wind, rain and hail won’t ruin your roof like it might with tiles or lesser-quality metal roofing sheets.

The product itself is baked, which gives it added strength against the elements. It also makes it less susceptible to cracking and leaking. But everybody already knows how durable Colorbond® is. Today, we want to focus on the new colours that have recently become available.

Standard Colorbond® steel palette

Many homes around Australia have a roof made from the standard colour palette from Colorbond®. That’s because they’re simple, elegant and can be matched to suit any style of home. Inspired by the natural environment around us, Colorbond®’s standard palette is always a favourite.

Three colours have been retired from the standard palette, namely Cove®, Mangrove® and Terrain®. However, three new colours have also been introduced:

Dover White™
The ultimate in compatibility is the Dover White™ colour. Being mostly white, it helps to reflect heat away from your home, meaning a cooler lifestyle and lower energy bills. Plus, you can match it with almost any colour scheme. Taking inspiration from Australia’s sands and alpine snow, we’re confident that Dover White™ is going to be an extremely popular colour for Australian homes.

While the name conjures thoughts of wind, the main focus here is on the neutrality of colour. This colour is suitable for all applications, including wall cladding and roofing. But the appeal here is the light, sandy colour can combine beautifully with both light and dark surroundings.

There’s no doubt about the inspiration for this new addition to the Colorbond® steel standard palette. Named after the beautiful trees from which it takes inspiration, Bluegum® is a much darker tone than the other two new colours. Technically a mid-tone, again it can look great with all sorts of house designs and colour schemes. Extremely versatile, Bluegum® looks terrific on ultra-modern homes.

Colorbond® steel Matt colour palette

For fans of the Colorbond® Matt range, you’ll also have some more options available to you. The new Bluegum™ colour we mentioned above has also been added to the Matt range, meaning customers can now choose from 6 Matt colours, being Surfmist®, Dune®, Bluegum®, Shale Grey™, Basalt® and Monument®.

Colorbond® Ultra steel

The Ultra line of Colorbond® steel is designed to be even tougher than that standard range. In particular, it is more resistant to corrosion that’s caused by living close to the coast. Spray from the ocean can damage roofing, which is why Colorbond® offers a premium range of roofing products.

For those living by the sea, you’ve now got another colour to choose from in the Ultra classic range. Shale Grey®, one of the most popular colours has now been added to the Ultra collection.

Looking for the best Colorbond® colours?

If you want a stunning range of roofing colours and profiles to choose from, you’ve come to the right place. Brastin Roofing loves working with Colorbond® steel because we trust it. But we also enjoy presenting our customers with a whole host of colours to choose from. Our experts can help match a roofing colour to your existing home, but ultimately the decision is yours. You’ve got so many options to choose from, so contact Brastin Roofing today.

Whether you need a roof for your new home, roofing repairs or a complete roof replacement, we’ve got you covered. With all of the best Colorbond® colours to choose from, you always get the very best from Brastin Roofing.

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