Insights on how to effectively fix roof storm damage

Australia’s climate produces some difficult and trying weather conditions that can wreak havoc on your roof.

According to leading insurer, QBE, storms can cost the Australian public around $2.3 billion each year. So, when a major weather event hits, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and anxious about the condition of your home and what you should do next.

Extreme weather can cause extensive damage to your roof. That’s why it’s critical that you determine how badly your roof has been affected as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your surroundings.

Here we will discuss the steps you should take to protect and restore your home, in particular your roof, following a storm.

1. Assess the damage to your roof

Whilst you may not immediately notice the effects of a storm inside your home, your roof may have sustained serious damage. Therefore, after a heavy storm you should, firstly, make sure your home and the surrounding environment are safe from hazards, and secondly, inspect your roof for signs of damage.

When checking your roof for potential damage, you should look for:

  • exposed structural beams
  • broken or damaged roofing materials i.e. chipped or cracked tiles
  • displaced or lifted metal sheets
  • missing flashing
  • loose nails, fasteners, or sealant
  • fallen or leaking guttering
  • fallen tree branches or other debris

Any one of these indicators can signify a problem that may cause further damage to your home and should be dealt with as soon as possible.

We recommend assessing your roof from the ground, if possible, before climbing onto the surface of your roof which may have become unstable and dangerous due to damage caused by the storm.

If you have any concerns about accessing your roof, you should have a professional roofing provider conduct an inspection to determine the extent of the damage.

2. Take immediate steps to minimise damage

If possible, where your ceiling has been exposed due to broken or missing sections of roofing, you should make sure to secure these areas immediately to prevent any further damage to your home.

Using a heavy-duty tarp, or other weatherproof material, cover the exposed or damaged area, making sure to anchor the material with a rope tied to a strong support such as a nearby beam, tree, or fence post.

Hopefully, this will stop or reduce any leaks or water seepage within your home as a result of a damaged roof.

3. Contact your insurance agency

If you intend to make an insurance claim, most insurance companies require you to start the process as soon as possible so they can approve and authorise repairs.

Therefore, when it’s safe to do so, you should take photos of the affected areas of your roof and/or ceiling and send these to your insurer as evidence of the damage.

4. Contact a roofing specialist

When your roof sustains serious damage as a result of a storm, having the damage assessed and repaired is a top priority.

At any stage following a damaging weather event, you can contact a professional roofing service to inspect the condition of your roof, deal with any immediate safety issues, and help you start to get things back on track again.

A reputable roofing company will provide a fast, comprehensive roofing repair service that includes:

  • on-site assessment of your roof
  • itemised repair quote for your insurer
  • responsive delivery of roof repairs
  • expert advice and support through the process

You will need to ensure your roofing specialist is licensed and certified to perform repairs on all types of roofs. They also need to be compliant with Australian roofing and plumbing standards and adhere to all legislative and regulatory requirements associated with roofing installations and repairs.

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