Brastin Roofing Review

Metal roofing specialists

Today we’re going to check out Queensland’s Brastin Roofing, and how their services stack up. Brastin Roofing are family owned and operated, and while they operate from the Gold Coast, they’re happy to service all of South East Queensland. They offer a huge range of roofing services – basically, if it’s got something to do with your roof, they can handle it.

From residential roofing services to commercial application, Brastin Roofing does it all. That being said, when it comes to new roofing, they specialise in metal roofing. It’s their belief that metal roofing is a more durable, reliable product to work with, and also far more cost effective than other materials.

As experts in the industry, Brastin Roofing have developed a strong reputation among Queensland roofing contractors. Let’s take a closer look at why they’re so popular.

Range of services

Firstly, we can’t go past the range of services they offer. We mentioned that they specialise in metal roofing, however that’s not all they do. If you’ve got an issue with your tile roof or anything else, they’re well equipped and experienced to do the job.

They handle all the big residential roofing jobs, such as new home builds and completely re-roofing older ones. But they also do everything else associated with your roof. If you need new gutters or fascia, they’ve got a great range to choose from. Looking to dress your home up with some new cladding or fascia? No problem, they’ve got you covered.

Importantly, their experience extends to rainwater management too, which is crucial in the South East Queensland climate. Equally important due to the heat is roof ventilation, and they offer all types of ventilation installs too.

As a bonus, everything they offer for residential homes, they offer on a commercial basis too. They’ve got experience working with commercial roofing, making them a handy team to know if you’re a property owner in Queensland.

Quality of products and materials

Brastin Roofing prides themselves on using only the very best materials, and they do it all at competitive prices. When it comes to roofing materials, they favour Colorbond, Zincalume and Truecore Steel. This shows a good understanding of local climate and conditions, because roofing contractors who recommend any other materials probably don’t understand Queensland. These brands are reliable, durable, and built tough for Aussie conditions, so Brastin Roofing gets a big tick there.

Other suppliers they choose to partner with include Pantex Roofing Systems for a whole range of roofing materials, as well as Lysaght, Metroll and Stratco. If you know anything about roofing, you’ll know these are some of the most respected names in the business. So, when you choose Brastin Roofing, you’re definitely getting quality materials for your roof.

Industry experience

The team at Brastin Roofing boast over 15 years of experience in the roofing industry. The experience covers everything from residential to commercial, from fixing minor problems to roofing new industrial buildings. When you consider a company’s experience, you’re looking at a couple of different things. Firstly, experience gives people the skills to identify problems and fix them properly. Secondly, those with longevity in the industry have probably seen all there is to see. They’ve seen cheap, unreliable products come and go, and probably seen their competitors come and go.

They know what works, what doesn’t, and how to complete jobs to a high level of customer satisfaction. You don’t last long in business if you can’t do that, and Brastin Roofing have shown they’ve got what it takes.

Customer service

The team at Brastin Roofing pride themselves on friendly, courteous service at all times. Have you ever had an experience with tradespeople turning up late, or not at all, without so much as a phone call? You won’t get that here, because Brastin Roofing put a premium on delivering quality customer service.

From booking a quote through to completing a job, they want to make it easy for their customers and this shows in their many testimonials.They also don’t leave your property in a mess when the job is finished, with a full cleanup service completed before they consider the job finished.

Quality of workmanship

Quality is another thing Brastin Roofing has become known for. We’ve already explored the materials and suppliers they use, so you know they’ve got a healthy focus on delivering quality. But great products alone don’t make a great roof.

Brastin Roofing offers a warranty on all their work, because they know they go the extra mile to ensure a job is done right. You shouldn’t have any problems with their workmanship or materials, but if you do, you’ll be protected.

Importantly, they’re also registered and licenced with all appropriate industry bodies in Queensland, with public liability insurance to protect your home in case of an accident.

Free quotes?

Yes! Brastin Roofing offers free quotes, with no obligation. If you’ve got a big roofing job coming up, like completely re-roofing your home, you want to make sure you’re comfortable with a contractors service offering and price. Brastin Roofing believes you also shouldn’t have to pay for the privilege of shopping around.

They’re confident that meeting with a contractor from their team and getting a quote will help you make the right choice.


In conclusion, Brastin Roofing delivers on all the key aspects we like to see. Being experience operators, they’re able to offer all the roofing services you need, from residential to commercial. They also have a solid network of trusted and reliable suppliers, meaning the products used on your roof are going to be durable and long-lasting.

With a huge range of styles and designs available, they’re also able to give you plenty of options, and that’s important when making any purchase. The other huge bonus is they’re local to the area, and they really understand Australian conditions. This means durability is always front of mind when they recommend products to you. So, for all your South East Queensland roofing needs, you can’t go wrong with Brastin Roofing.

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